Benefits for Bingo Clubs

Boost sales

  • Attract new customer groups outside your geographical area
  • Tablet allows playing with more tickets at a time
  • Self service additional buying

Online service

  • Compete against internet bingo operators
  • Games can continue 24/7 on automatic server after hall closes
  • Long distances, bad weather etc. may discourage players from attending games on location

Offer additional value

  • Independent bingo clubs can participate in a single grand jackpot shared between all games
  • Side games and mini games

Benefits for Players

  • Modern, attractive tablet entices players
  • Real bingo club feeling—live broadcast from the club (audio & video, or audio only)
  • Reliability—the draw is witnessed by club players and via the broadcast
  • Supporting local clubs instead of multinational gambling giants
  • Where the profits from the clubs are used for charity, players can control exactly what charities they want to support

The draw is performed in exactly the same way as before and home players are treated just like hall players. Bingo Booster integrates to your existing bingo infrastructure.

No need for extensive staff retraining, no change of draw procedures!

Your presenter
broadcast live
from your club!

Bingo Website

Each bingo club is connected to a central website. It allows players to participate in games, register, login, deposit and withdraw funds. The game is broadcast live from the club to the website, and from there to the player's home computer.

Bingo tablet

Clubs provide visiting players with handheld BingoBooster terminals. The user friendly, large touch screen interface provides bingo game participation, book sales, and side games as well as value added services.

Bingo tablet software screenshot Success Story

The BingoBooster service was launched in Finland in February 2010.

Total bet volume at Kemi bingo hall 2010